Oil Grit/Water Separator

The Oil Grit Separator is designed to slow down the treatment cycles of the Waste Water Recycling Systems. Large baffles are created to hold back sludge and debris to keep the cleaner water flowing until you are ready to treat. This is an important piece of the entire treatment system when dealing with large amounts of sludge, oil and debris. … Read More

Filtering Devices

Polish Filter System The Polish Filter System is designed to go with a Waste Water Recycling system when there is a high pressure washer that is taking place of a typical Flush Gun. Its designed to polish the water before it gets to the pressure washer which will prolong the life of the nozzles. Specifications 50 Cubic Foot Cartridge Filter … Read More


We have a complete line of chemicals specifically for treating your waste water recycling system or radiator shop flushing water, boil out compound and aluminum cleaning agents. Call Us Today: (800)-954-TANK (8265) LOCK UP This chemical is used for the treatment of your water system (comes in 5 gallon pails up to 250 Gallon fiber drums) PH UP Designed to … Read More