Ultrasonic Tanks

Our TL-640 ULTRASONIC HEAT CLEANING SYSTEM out performs every other ultrasonic on the market. You can never have to much cleaning power in an ultrasonic so we did just that. With over 12,000 watts on average in our ultrasonics we can assure that it will be cleaning at an optimal rate. Piezo Electric Ultrasonic operation results in the fastest cleaning … Read More

Supertab 2 – Plastic Tank Repair Machine

The #1 Selling Plastic Tanks Repair Machine in the country! Our Supertab 2 has been constantly redesigned to accommodate the increasing size of plastic tanks coming to market. The jaws close by a simple tap of the foot while the other foot pedal lowers and lifts the tank Plunger Depressors. System includes Tab Crimpers & Decrimpers that slide easily along … Read More

Turbo Flush Machine

The TL-605 TF is designed to save countless hours of shop time and a ton of money on cleaning agents such as “Turbo Kleen” still the best aluminum cleaner on the market. Its main propose is to take that costly yet effective cleaning agent used to clean Charge Air Coolers and reuse it removing the oil, diesel soot and road … Read More

Test Tanks

The Strongest, Most Durable Radiator Test Tanks on the market today! Custom Sizes Available: (800)-954-TANK (8265) TL-600-S The TL-600-S Radiator Test Tank is the smallest test tank we carry in stock. The entire Test Tank is coated with a high build Ameron Epoxy Coating to withstand the harsh environment of the typical radiator shop. All of our Test Tanks come … Read More

Boil Out Tanks

The Strongest, most durable Boil Outs on the Market today! Custom Sizes Available: (800)-954-TANK (8265) TL-602 S The TL-602-S is our most cost effective Boil Out we make. This Boil Out is capable of handling automotive to light industrial radiators. The Lid operates manually with a counter balance weight on the back of the lid for easy lifting. The entire … Read More

Flush Booths

Although we have large sized flush booths we do build custom booths to order. Nothing is to big. If you have the need we will build it. We have the most experience in the industry when it comes to radiator shop equipment. Custom Sizes Available: (800)-954-TANK (8265) TL-605 The TL-605 is the smallest flush booth we carry in stock. Designed … Read More

Radiator Drier

The TL-603 Radiator Drier is a time saver, period. Many shops call in looking to speed up their repair time and one of the quickest and cheapest ways to do so is to speed up the water and paint drying cycle after repairing. This system will do that job. In stock and available today for delivery. Custom Sizes Available: (800)-954-TANK … Read More

Paint Booth

There are many different applications when it comes to painting parts, equipment, etc. We have built a wide variety of custom paint booths for people all over the country. Send us a sketch of what you are looking for and we can help. Custom Sizes Available: (800)-954-TANK (8265) TL-606 The TL-606 Standard Paint Booth is perfect for the shop doing … Read More

Sand Blaster

Our sand blasters save valuable time and money on tanks, headers, etc when you can clean them quickly and efficiently in our fully contained blast cabinet. Our side loading design is made specifically with the radiator shop in mind for easy loading and unloading of your parts. Call Us Today: (800)-954-TANK (8265)

Radiator Lifts

Call Us Today: (800)-954-TANK (8265) TL-618 The Rolo Lift is infamous for its versatility and speed in maneuvering radiators in positions for easy access to repairs. The four point swivel feature and open table design allows unlimited work access without requiring repositioning. Lifting capacity is 250 lbs. Specifications Lifting Capacity of 250 lbs Max width of Radiator 45″ Overall Height … Read More

Solder Dipping Pot

Our Solder Dipping Pot is a very practical piece of equipment if you do any sort of header work. The bond from tubes to header have a way stronger bond that your typical soldering from a torch. This tank is designed is to offer faster, better quality service on all radiator header jobs, especially on heavy duty equipment. The solder … Read More