What is a Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine?

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Tanks A Lot has developed a Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine (the Evacu System) that has proven to out perform other DPF Cleaning Machines in an average of 30 minutes time! We have studied and compared the competition and have come up with the most efficient and thorough cleaning machine on the market today!

The main problem and our main concern with most Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Systems is that most of them are AUTOMATED. Automated sounds nice but these machines DON’T know which specific cells are clean and which ones need more work.

Notice in the picture below the obvious signs of uncleaned cells (The Black dot in the middle, and the Pie Shaped black areas that are not cleaned)

With our Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine system you can assure your customers that their entire DPF will be cleaned thoroughly from both ends multiple times, and every problem area in between in the same amount of time or less.
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