About Us

Tanks-A-Lot Building Photo

The Tanks-A-Lot story begins with a Southern California Drought and a Marine Corps contract. Tom Sutherland and his father Lawrence “Larry” Sutherland, had a chain of Radiator and A/C shops in Orange County in the early 70’s, when the area experienced a severe drought. The local Fire Dept started visiting radiator shops telling them they were using too much water, so they built their first water recovery system and Tanks A Lot was born.

By 1973 Tanks A Lot was building Boil Outs, Test Tanks, Flush Booths, Sand Blast Cabinets, Radiator Driers, Water Recovery Systems and Shop Ventilation. By this time Tanks A Lot was booming and decided to sell its radiator shops to focus on the increasing radiator shop equipment demand. We like to keep this company small for the plain fact of being able to keep things personable and flexible for all the custom demands of our radiator shop family.

We are constantly in the field talking to shops, finding out what would help their shop be more efficient. Doing so we have developed a few relatively new pieces of equipment that cut time and cost way down.

Thank you for your interest in Tanks-A-Lot’s Full Line of Radiator Equipment and Aqueous Cleaning Systems. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-954-TANK (8265)